• Bio-Pak Toilet Waste Treatment

Bio-Pak Toilet Waste Treatment



GST Exclusive


 10 sachets per bag

  • Advanced enzyme formula deodorises and breaks down waste and paper
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to use in septic tanks
  • Treats up to 150 litres

Porta-Pak and Bio-Pak are both black holding tank deodorizers. However, Porta-Pak, a chemical-based product, eliminates foul smells by stopping the growth of odour-causing bacteria. In contrast, Bio-Pak eliminates foul odors by digesting odour-causing bacteria, waste, and paper in the tank. Bio-Pak’s formula uses natural enzymes to be 100% safe for septic systems and all campgrounds. Porta-Pak is better at odor control in hotter climates.