• Clax Fabric Softener 5UL1

Clax Fabric Softener 5UL1



GST Exclusive

Pack Size: 20L

Clax 5UL1 Fabric Softener is specially formulated for use in commercial automated laundry systems. The highly concentrated formula provides great results and softens many types of fabrics.

Clax Fabric Softener is a fabric conditioner based on biodegradable cationics, quaternary ammonium salts. In the wash solution, these positively charged cationics, adsorb to the negatively charged surface of fabrics. Once adsorbed onto fabric the cationic has a lubricating effect. During the drying process, this prevents interlocking of individual fibres and build-up of static electricity (especially on synthetic fibres).

In addition lubrication facilitates ironing/calendering.

The product has also been formulated with perfume, which leaves a pleasant smell on fabric.