• Razorback Pruners

Razorback Pruners



GST Exclusive

The Razorback is possibly the best forestry lopper and pruner on the market and one of our most popular units: bolts are forged 2140 steel, and the blades are high carbon alloy steel (each blade has a number stamped on it - this is the batch number for heat treatment and provides an quality audit trial for Doug and his team). 

The anvil (or hook blade) is heat treated, semi-annealed high strength, wear resistant steel. Doug uses special techniques and tooling for working with steel in this state. The blade and anvil are adjusted by the fine pitch bolt and lock nut (no tab washers required unlike other forestry loppers). All parts are replaceable - you won't go wrong with this forestry lopper or pruner and it will last a lifetime if used correctly.

The Razorback Pruner has the same rugged construction as the Razorback Lopper - but with the smaller cut (50 mm).

  • 50mm jaw between straight blade and anvil 
  • Galvanized high tensile steel handles
  • Heat treated high carbon steel blade - audit tested and numbered
  • Forged 2140 steel handle-to-head and blade pivot bolts for long life
  • Heat treated semi-annealed anvil blade
  • Firm-grip handles, can be inverted for safe stowage
  • Made in New Zealand