• CRC Silicon Star

CRC Silicon Star



GST Exclusive

Pack Size: 500ml

Sta-Lube Silicone Star will apply a film of durable silicone to most surfaces. It will revive, beautify, protect and lubricate metal, plastic, rubber, vinyl, wood, fabrics and paint. It will assist in reviving deteriorating surfaces and provide ongoing protection by repelling water, oil, adhesives, inks and paint.

  • Multi-use product – Revives, beautifies, protects, lubricates, waterproofs, cleans and shines
  • Great on all surfaces – Cars, boats, at home etc
  • Resists moisture - Keeps out water, cleans it up, keeps it that way
  • Odourless, clear film - No need for messy greases and oils
  • Harmless to most materials - Metal, plastic, rubber, fabric, glass, ink, vinyl, wood, paint, etc.