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GST Exclusive


Bay Trade Eco Degreaser is an effective and environmentally safe water based degreasing solution. The formulation includes a selection of wetting agents, biodegradable emulsifiers and natural orange oil extract. This combination is very effective for removing grease, oil and soils while having a minimal impact on the environment. 

Bay Trade Eco degreaser is designated as a non-dangerous good for storage and transport.


1. Fast dissolving action on greases and oils.

2. Leaves most surfaces free of residue and suitable for painting afterwards without cleaning.

3. Non-staining on most metals.

4. Does not affect most painted or plastic coated metal surfaces when used as directed. However, spot testing is recommended.


Dilute with water as per ratios below. The solution can then be sprayed/brushed on or used as a soak bath. Allow the solution to penetrate grease, and then rinse with water/wipe off. Test on a small piece of fabric/carpet/paintwork before using on entire area.

Dilution ratios (Water to Eco Degreaser):

60:1 for waterblasting, prepaint wash

20:1 for general purpose spray & wipe

10:1 for removal of heavy dirt and roadfilm

5:1 for removal of grease & oil

Dilute Eco Degreaser as required. Wet the surface to be cleaned, and then apply the diluted chemical. Scrub with a soft bristle brush and rinse away with water. Do not allow the chemical to dry on the surface.


The surfactants in this product are biodegradable according to internationally accepted criteria.


12 x 1 Litres

4 x 5 Litres

20 Litres

Bulk and Other Pack sizes may be available on request.

NZFSA Approved:

Bay Trade Eco degreaser is NZFSA Approved C32 (All animal products except dairy)

Hazard Rating Summary:

Flammability: Low

Toxicity: Moderate

Body Contact: Moderate

Reactivity: Low