• Endura Corrugated Tray #1 (131 x 91 x 50mm) 125/Sleeve

Endura Corrugated Tray #1 (131 x 91 x 50mm) 125/Sleeve



GST Exclusive


  • 100% recyclable & commercially compostable
  • Suitable for hot and greasy, savoury & sweet food
  • Microwave and Refrigeration compatible

This is perfect for:

Takeaway Meal Deals, Burgers With Fries, Fish & Chips, Fries, Catering Packs, Meal Deliveries, Grilled Meats

Suitable For:

  • Chilled Contents
  • Frozen Contents
  • Hot Contents
  • Mild Grease Contents

The Endura range is made with a sturdy, corrugated fluted board, so it's ideal for hot and greasy foods. It's also 100% commercially compostable making it a great choice for the environment. Food trays are perfect for serving delicious meals and snacks like grilled meats, nachos, fries, wedges, and fish and chips. It's offered in natural brown kraft, with space for branding with stickers or stamps.

    • Compostable 
    • Recyclable
    • Sustainable

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