• First Aid Kit 1 - 5 Person

First Aid Kit 1 - 5 Person



GST Exclusive

First Aid Kit 1-5 People

This small industrial kit is designed for 1-5 people and comes in either a soft pack. It is well suited for mobile work crews, small engineering firms, automotive workshops, etc.

Triangle Bandage with 2 Safety Pins 2
Eye Pad 2
Wound Dressing 2
Non Adherent Dressing 10cm x 7.5cm 2
Non Adherent Dressing 5cm x 7.5cm 1
Combine Dressing 10cm x 9cm 1
Gauze Swabs 2’s   7.5mm x 7.5mm 3
Anitseptic Wipes 3
Wound Irrigation Solution 60ml
Roller Bandage 5cm wide 1
Roller Bandage 7.5cm Wide 1
Fabric Plaster Roll 2.5cm 1
Plasters 40
Fabric Dressing Strips 1m 1
First Aid Tweezers 1
Economy Scissors 1
CPR Resuscitation Mask 1
Examination Gloves - Pair 2
First Aid Tips (not a replacement for training) 1
Aids/Hepatitis Warning Label 1
Carry Pouch 1
Clean Up Bag (Contaminant) 1

When emergencies happen, you have to be prepared. No matter where you are, you need to know you can respond when you, a co-worker or family member are sick or injured.

Boost your peace of mind with a Help-It First Aid Kit.

Why buy a Help-it First Aid Kit? Here a just a few key reasons:


Help-It hand pick only the highest quality componenets for their kits and travel to visit manufacturers to ensure consistent quality. They also manufacture many of heir own first aid and medical devices.

Peace of Mind

The manufacterer is a Medsafe registered company. Where necessary, Help-It first aid kits exceed OSH minimum requirements.


Help-It first aid kits are designed with your varying situation in mind. Whether you are on your own or part of a group, whether you are at home, at work or on the road, Help-It have a first aid kit designed just for you.

Help-It use a variety of containers to suit all situations, from the tiny plastic mini-kit to zip-up soft packs and wall-mountable plastic and steel boxes.


Speed is on the essence when it comes to first aid. Help-It kits have multiple compartments to keep every item in its place so you can find things quickly and easily, and see at a glance if any items nneed to be replaced.


Help-It also provide handy re-fill packs for every kit in the range, taking the guesswork out of keeping your kit up to date.