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  • Kraft Corner Boards

Kraft Corner Boards



GST Exclusive


Damage to the corners or edges of palletised goods can be a very costly problem - costly in terms of lost revenue, additional freight cost, additional stock costs and inconvenience to customers.

Use of corner protection products can reduce that cost. They provide a simple, easy to use, cost effective way to provide protection against impact, crushing, abrasion or chafing or to increase the stacking strength.

Our cornerboard range - including cornerboards, flatboards and strapping guards - are made from kraft paper with either a kraft or white outer wrap. All are able to be recycled after use - just put them in the waste paper recycling bin – making them an environmentally friendly product.

Cornerboards can be used to protect the edges of palletised goods; provide stacking strength when double or triple stacking; increase the load bearing capacity of cartons; prevent crushing of cartons; or holding sacks or bags on a pallet.