• Laundry Presoak

Laundry Presoak



GST Exclusive

Pack Size: 2kg

LAUNDRY PRESOAK – Nappy Sanitiser

A premium quality oxygenated soak/wash sanitiser for pre wash treatment of stains and other contamination on linen and garments and for laundering and disinfecting soiled nappies. Laundry Presoak is biodegradable within internationally accepted criteria.


For Linen:

Dissolve 25 grams of Laundry Presoak (approx slightly heaped tablespoon) in a ¾ full bucket of warm water. Add items & soak for 2-3 hours. Then remove and either hand or machine wash.

For Nappies:

Remove gross soil, then soak as above. Soak overnight if necessary. Rinse with water before machine washing.


Check garment label instructions before soaking. Not recommended for wool, silk or items with metal buttons or zippers.


The surfactants in this product are biodegradable according to internationally accepted criteria.