• Loo Blue Portable & Chemical Toilet Cleaner

Loo Blue Portable & Chemical Toilet Cleaner



GST Exclusive

Pack Size: 20L


Loo Blue is an effluent sanitising compound for the treatment of odour-causing micro-organisms in the waste systems of motor homes, caravans, boats and portable chemical toilets.


Drain and flush effluent tank.

Dilute Loo Blue at the rate of 150 to 250ml per 20 litres of water and add to system as per manufacturer’s instructions.


As the spent fluid from a portable toilet normally contains only a very low level of active material it is usually safe to dispose of it directly into a sewage system or a septic tank where it is readily biodegradable. Do not contaminate waterways.

Should it be necessary to dispose of unused, freshly prepared Loo Blue solution, the active Gluteraldehyde may be deactivated by a small amount of ammonia or an ammoniated cleaner (such as Clarks ‘Liquid Ammo’). This deactivated solution may be disposed of into sewage system or septic tank.



Loo Blue contains Glutaraldehyde (20 grams per litre). Toxic if inhaled or swallowed. Causes eye and skin irritation. Use in well ventilated area. Avoid inhaling vapour and skin or eye contact. Store away from foodstuffs. Keep out of the reach of children.