• Predator PW-553S Tape Machine

Predator PW-553S Tape Machine



GST Exclusive

 New tape head
 Dual Side compression rollers for tight sealing
 Top mast with cushion for smooth sealing
 Tape overlap length 60‡5mm
 Two-side belt driven with universal bearing: Precise, Low Noise, Durable parts and belt
 Compact structure, suitable for small space use
 Caster with brake
 Extension roller table – L370/500 x W530mm
 60 sec. auto-stop : electricity saving
 Tape overlap length 70‡5mm or 90‡5mm
 Close type roller table: Suitable for articles under 50kgs or tall-thin cartons
 Sealing width or height can be increased
 Bigger tape roll O.D. 340mm (13.5”)
 Stainless steel structure SUS #304