• Scotch-Brite Griddle Quick Clean Liquid

Scotch-Brite Griddle Quick Clean Liquid



GST Exclusive

Pack Size: 1x946ml

A powerful griddle cleaning liquid that is Green Seal™ Certfied and safe for use on food contact surfaces. Loosens and lifts carbonized grease and food soil upon contact on a hot griddle for easy removal. No strong chemical odors. Formulation does not contain caustic soda found in other griddle cleaning chemicals.

  • Effectively removes baked-on food and cooking oil from griddles
  • Green Seal™ Certfied* This product meets the Green Seal™ Standard for Specialty Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use, GS-53, by avoiding ingredients that are toxic or harmful to humans and the environment and efficient use of packaging material
  • One-step cleaning
  • No rinse necessary
  • All chemical components are G. R. A. S. listed ("Generally Recognized as Safe" as complied by FDA)
  • Designed for use on medium-hot griddles (300 - 350ºF.)—saves cool-down time
  • Does not contain caustic soda or caustic potash