• Softcare Fresh Lotion Soap

Softcare Fresh Lotion Soap



GST Exclusive

Soft Care Fresh H1 

Soft Care Fresh is a slightly perfumed general-purpose hand washing cream which has been formulated to produce a smooth lather. It is a translucent blue, freshly scented liquid, containing a blend of anionic and amphoteric surfactants, salts, perfume, dye and preservative.

The product has been formulated with a fragrance, which does not linger long on hands after washing, making this product especially suitable for use in restaurants and canteens.

Features and Benefits

  • Cleanses skin thoroughly
  • Delicate fresh perfume which does not linger
  • Packed in hygienic 800ml disposable cartridge for use with Soft Care dispenser
  • Each cartridge has an integrated pump and is completely disposable for increased hygiene
  • Does not produce scum in hard water areas
  • Produces lather whatever the water hardness
  • Based on synthetic detergents