• Softcare Lux 2-1 Hair & Body Lotion Soap

Softcare Lux 2-1 Hair & Body Lotion Soap



GST Exclusive

Soft Care Lux 2 in 1 H68

Soft Care Lux 2 in 1 is a mild hair and body shampoo. The product can also be used as bath foam gel and can be applied in hotel bathrooms and shower rooms of sports clubs.

Soft Care Lux 2 in 1 is based on a mild blend of surfactants, humectant hair care ingredients, pearlescent, perfume and preservatives. The anionic, amphoteric surfactant system ensures excellent removal of (greasy) soil, emulsification of removed soil and stabilization of the emulsion.

The mild detergent blend makes it suitable for frequent use (no skin irritation or drying out). In addition moisturizers provide skin care effects, while other ingredients ensure tangle free hair. The product can also be applied as bath foam, producing plenty of lather irrespective of water hardness.

This hand soap from Diversey fits the Soft Care Foam Soap Dispenser.

Features and Benefits

  • Kind to hair and skin
  • Mild Cleansing Agents
  • Packed in hygienic 800ml disposable cartridge for use with Soft Care dispenser
  • Each cartridge has an integrated pump and is completely disposable for increased hygiene
  • Mild cleansing agents
  • Perfumed
  • Concentrated product
  • Produces plenty of lather
  • Special formulation