• Suma Dify Automatic Dishwasher Soluble Sachets

Suma Dify Automatic Dishwasher Soluble Sachets



GST Exclusive

The unique DIFY soluble sachet and J-Watcher dosing alert gives you the convenience of a controlled dosing system without the need to install expensive dosing equipment.

One sachet will last up to 30 wash cycles. The J-Watcher will flash red, telling you when to dose another sachet.

Each sachet contains: The Initial Dosage of detergent, Main wash Detergent, Drying aid and Anti scaling agents


EFFECTIVE: Instant excellent results

ECONOMIC: up to 600 washes

RELIABLE: works under many different conditions and is aluminium safe

CONVENIENT: sachet can simply be placed into machine

INTELLIGENT: cleaning & hygiene compliance without equipment

SAFE: no direct contact with chemical possible