• Suma Shine K2 Presoak & Destainer

Suma Shine K2 Presoak & Destainer



GST Exclusive

Pack Size: 1x10kg

Suma Shine K2 is a powder destainer / presoaker specially formulated to provide excellent removal of stubborn stains from cups and crockery.

Key Properties:

Suma Shine K2 is an alkaline powder, which is suitable for presoaking / destaining of all types of heavily soiled substrates. It contains a blend of scale inhibitors and alkali for removal of dried on food from cups and crockery. The formulation also contains active oxygen for effective removal of tea, coffee and fruit stains. The product is also suitable for soaking of plastic materials. White powder with no fragrance added.


  • Effective removal of coffee and tea stains due to active oxygen
  • Effective removal of cocoa and milk stains by alkali source
  • Prevents scaling in hard water conditions when used as directed
  • Easy to rinse, leaves no residues